Climbing the Christmas Tree

Continuing my tradition, on my 60th!

Part of this tradition is a good, exhilarating walk in the natural beauty that’s so much more refreshing and renewing and relaxing than all the “stuff” that people say we “have” to do to celebrate the season.

(photos of the Christmas Baby in the tree by my wife, the Christmas Carol)

Hanukkah or Christmas? Why Choose?

“Being Hanukkah in a Christmas World”

Reminds me of when I was a single father raising my daughter to delight in celebrating both holidays.  She still remembers her friends at school asking if she was Jewish.  I was already doing interfaith work and teaching world scriptures, so claiming just one religion didn’t make much sense.  Does it now?

Faux La La La La

Non Christian Cups

Non-Christian Cups!

A “War on Christmas”?  Maybe.

But the Defenders of the God-Baby Holiday have it all wrong.

It’s a  “Faux War on Faux Christmas” (WA POST)

I’m willing to concede that there is a war on Christmas. The real Christmas.

If Christmas is about honoring the birth of an impoverished child to a homeless couple who must eventually flee a tyrant to keep their baby safe, then, yes, there is a war on Christmas.

If Christmas is about peace, joy, generosity, thankfulness and goodwill among people, then yes, there is a war on Christmas.

This article pretty much nails the Holy Hypocrisy that wraps itself every year in Christmas Trees and Crosses.

Isn’t Faux Outrage fun?  Not really.

I’ll take another cup of Starbuck’s tea, please.

Scatter the Herd. . .Here Comes Christmas!

Oh my goodness!  This is exactly as I remember it!

Oh my goodness! This is exactly as I remember it!

I grew up thinking that all the happy and peaceful animals gathered around the manger in a beautiful, star-lit evening scene of joy and ahhh, soothed by harp-strumming angels hovering overhead.

Nice bedtime story.  Makes a sweet lullaby.

Then, we grow up.  Don’t we?

(well, at least all the animals and fairies scatter when we scramble in for Presents!)

Oddly, the Church rushes forward to Crucify the Little Swaddler and the animals are eaten (so is HE). . . to “Celebrate Life!”

Here’s something I posted last “holiday season” on Beyond God

Speaking of Annual Fairytales, once again we are blessed with the Great Annual Christian Lie called the “War on Christmas”–I recommend this excellent piece at Exactly My Thinking

Behold Who Was Born on December 25th



Lots of interesting people, famous and infamous, were born on December 25 (Clara Barton, Anwar Sadat, Rod Serling!)

Neil deGrasse Tyson stirred up the, um, flock this year with this tweet at Christmas:

On this day long ago, a child was born who, by age 30, would transform the world.  Happy Birthday Isaac Newton, born Dec 25, 1642

On a probably unrelated issue I’ve been considering this season. . .

What would Religion, and particularly the Christian Religion, have looked like IF God/the Divine/Heaven/the Sacred/the Spiritual was DOWN instead of UP?  Think about it.  What if God was DOWN, in or below the Earth, not UP in the sky beyond the clouds?  Would Religion then be the Ultimate Environmental Organization?  I wonder what Newton would say. . .or other famous thinkers born on December 25.

I’ve just been thinking a little about that.