When Humanity Came to Humus

Here’s an odd one from Spain. . .

The Catalans and their Caganers (nativity statues that defecate)

Now wait. . .this may be the best response to the Jesus Story!

If the story teaches us to be More Human and not be embarrassed (em-bare-assed) for doing what humans do (doo). . .AND to laugh at ourselves in the process. . .then, hey, this makes a lot of sense.

No, I’m not dumping on anyone.  In fact, seriously, if an archaeologist discovered a petrified piece of poop from the manger it would revolutionize everything.  Those who can’t wait to get the little tike spiked (from the cradle to the cross) would have to admit he was fully human after all.  Now, it’s Our turn.

Sorry, gotta GO!


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