Animals are Atheists and Hate the Holidays

Well, I can’t prove that animals are atheists. . .but I could bet (and probably prove someday) that most animals are terrified of these crazy seasons when people are driving “like animals,” scurrying and clawing for more and more “wild” things they don’t need, all in the name of some Deity (at least originally as “holy days”).

The massacre of living things begins: trees (for everything including greeting cards, billions of boxes, wrapping paper, wreaths, christmas trees, nativity scenes–with their wooden animals–and on and on); and all kinds of animals, slaughtered, butchered, chopped, packaged and then consumed by the most wasteful of gluttonous animals.

Someone should rally the animals, pull them together to speak out, speak up (howl, hiss, cluck, oink, squeak, roar. . .) about this insanity.  They could form the Animal Party to stop the killing!  Stop the War on Living Things!. . .all started by Religions who (apparently) believe their God loves blood and sacrifice and endless shopping and spending!

If I was an animal (and, of course, I am) I would truly hate the holidays.  And, I’m just sure I would be an atheist.  Although the Elephant God might be worth a prayer and a bow.

In fact, it could be argued that atheists, even those who eat meat, are the best friends of animals and all living things, since this “secular” world is all there is and should be taken care of–no one killed for otherworldly reasons.

Please give a thought to the animals this season.

If we don’t, one day they may rise up and put us on THEIR TABLES, decorate THEIR DENS and NESTS and use OUR lifeless carcasses to show how much THEY LOVE and HONOR LIFE!