Crimes against Christmas!

The Grinch is coming, the Grinch is Coming (and he’s bringing Scrooge)!!

Don’t you love the drama played out on our brains every Christmas Season?

Now, maybe I wouldn’t have chosen to do this, but. . .then again

Teacher Tells Students there is No Santa!

(compare what happened when this news reporter did the same thing on air—oh, for shame!)


And here’s a Canadian school taking a creative, inclusive approach. . .

“Political correctness?”  A “War on Christmas and Christians?”

Really listen to these comments from the School Board rep:

“There will be a number of activities planned at the school, including “the Christmas tree decorating contest, a family craft evening complete with a drumming session and carol sing-along.  And once again, students will visit a local seniors’ residence to sing carols,” said Simzer.

The only change is that the annual school concert has been postponed to February to ensure that all students have the opportunity to prepare for and participate in that presentation. This decision supports inclusivity…it demonstrates respect for all cultures.”

Politically correct?  No.  Common sense smarts, good leadership, the true American spirit of pluralism.

(We can hope Santa will bring plenty of these little gifts on his hybrid sleigh this year!)


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