The Crucifixion of the Creation

Who speaks against the madness quite like Stephen Colbert:

“Treesus: the peace-loving evergreen who was chopped down for trees’ sins. They know what they did.”
Stephen ColbertĀ December 15, 2009
The axes of faith are sharpening. . .the Season of Light and Love, Candles and the Christ Child is coming. . .(if we survive Turkey Day. . .speaking of which. . .)
The guns of godliness are loading. . .the turkeys and deer and elk and pigs and chickens and cattle and sheep are anxiously, eagerly waiting to sacrifice themselves for the Bright and Happy Holy Days celebrated by billions of bi-peds across this god-blessed planet.
Ain’t it sparkling?
Makes you feel all warm and cozy doesn’t it?
I can’t wait for Christmas. . .can you?