The War on “The War Against Christmas”

Ah, here we go again.

Ain’t the Christmas Season a Joy?

It’s never too early to fire up the Manger Militia and the Defenders of Freedom (to cut trees, slaughter millions of animals, waste loads of money and the freedom to deny everyone else the freedom to be left in peace and do something else. . .you know, THOSE folks).

The first shots fired by. . .you guessed it. . .FOX (“Atheist Move Halts Christmas. . .”)

Normally, would FOX and the FOXED UP FAITHFUL care a wit about California and esp. Santa Monica?!

No, but lock and load your bibles. . .bring it on, you Christmas Haters!

Give us a break, please.

Any rational person whose brain is up and functioning can see exactly what this “newstory” is up to:  stirring the Xmas fruitcake pudding (yes, that’s X-mas, and sorry to tell you this but Christ doesn’t belong to FOX or Christians or Americans or anyone. . .and, for the foxy-folk who never heard this, those of us who studied Greek know that “X” was an early symbol for Christ since “X” is “CHI” the first letter of XRISTOS. . .ok, got that?).

Here’s one of my favorite lines,

“If these church groups insist that these public spaces are going to be dominated by a Christian message, we’ll just get in the game — and that changes everything.”

Listen up folks:  millions of us who share this “free country” don’t believe in your idea of Santa God.  And even though I was born on Christmas Day and served as a Minister for many years, I may love some candles and cheer but I don’t Do your kind of holidays (I’ll take a walk in the forest or by the sea any day, any season over this “holyday”).  If you choose to try to force all the rest of us to “celebrate” your Christmas Pageant, I think you need to be prepared for a little push back wake up.  IS there a “War on Christmas” or is there a faked up, foxed up Battle to make everyone Believe exactly what YOU BELIEVE and demonize those who don’t agree with you?  By the way, how is THAT “faith,” or “Christian” or “American”?

By the way. . .or NOT SO by the way. . .in my view this whole fanning of the flames of faith does nothing but make Christianity look like a joke, to make Christians look like whiney and ignorant wimps, and (here’s the worst part):  wraps up, inflates and detonates the Great Distraction once again (and we know what a Great Distraction Xmas is).

What’s the Great Distraction?  While all the God-Protectors and Christmas-Commandos are firing at the Godless Atheists, somewhere out there a poor, homeless, dark-skinned baby and his family is shivering in the cold waiting for kindness, goodness, compassion, justice and simple humanity (sound familiar?).

You see, if that was what this season, any season, was all about, we might actually see Believers and Non-Believers, Christians and Atheists, Community after Community working together to do the good and right thing. . .together.

Now, there’s a Holiday I Could Celebrate!

{Have a Peaceful Season, and please, please, avoid the War on “The War”} 

More on the Fake War on Everything Christian (Americans United)


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