Merry FOXmas

Fanning the flames of their faithful fans. . .fa la la la. . .

Jesus Statue (Montana)

Why are Atheists Meddling with Christmas? (Bill-O)

“No, no, no, You listen to ME!”  (classic O-Rile-Up)

Christmas Tree Controversy in Providence (R.I and B.O.)

“The governor has declared this War on Christmas. . .” (say what?)

Probably the best and most effective way to handle the Fake War on Christmas and False Battle on Believers is to step aside and let them whine on and fight with the Great Satan Atheists in their minds.  The rest of us will go on enjoying the beauty of this season, avoiding the cultural madness euphemistically still called (for some odd reason) “Christmas,” lighting some candles in this dark time of year, giving a nod to the ancient Child lost in the wrinkled and krinkled wrappings of “His Church,” and doing good for others, grateful we live in a land of free choice and opinion.

Let B.O. and his FOXed up Warriors for God rage on with their righteous crusade (because, as we know, God is unable to fend for Godself); let them keep avoiding and denying their true intent (to make American=Christian from schools to courts to congress, with Jesus as President).

Meanwhile, those of us who don’t believe in their delusions of grandeur, grandstanding or god, will have to go on calmly taking them to court and countering their attacks on true Religious Freedoms and Reason itself as we write letters, blogs and books that balance the blustering.

Holding to the good in the season. . .

Oh, and Happy Holidays!  (Merry Christmas too)


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