Traditional Christmas. . .Puritan Style


A perfect gift for your favorite Preservative (that is, Conservative) this holiday season.

Remind them of the True Story of Christmas in Early America.

They’re going to Love This!

The Puritan War on Christmas

I especially liked this part:

“The contemporary War on Christmas pales in comparison to the first — a war that was waged not by retailers but by Puritans who considered the destruction of Christmas necessary to the construction of their godly society.”

Read that a couple of times to let it sink in, like a real bad Christmas Carol.

Then this little gem:

“they contended that there was no Scriptural warrant for the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Puritans argued (not incorrectly) that Christmas represented nothing more than a thin Christian veneer slapped on a pagan celebration. Believing in the holiday was superstitious at best, heretical at worst.”

Have a Happy Puritan Holiday!  (but I’d recommend the Pagan version)


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