Yes, Children, there Really IS a War on Christmas!

This sickens. . .but needs to be seen, I guess

This sickens. . .but needs to be seen, I guess

I read that the Attorney General of New York is trying to get stores like KMart, Walmart and Amazon to stop selling fake guns that look real.  If you think this is overreacting, take a look at these two websites (you really should):  Toy Arsenal and More Toy Guns.  I particularly like the Swat team and Sniper rifles, but also the U.S. Army Carbine for only $28.95.  Gee, I’d like to see a whole army of children with those!  And what better time than Christmas!

I can still remember how thrilled I was when my dad gave me a bb gun for Christmas.  I was probably 8 or 9.  I’ll bet I went right out and gunned down a happy robin singing loud and joyful on Christmas Day.  It was only a year or two later that I shot a blackbird through the head and saw it hang upside down on a branch.  That was the last time I shot anything with that gun.

This is all these “toys” do.  They kill or wound things, living things, people.  Or, pretend to.  Think about that.  Pretending to kill someone.  Nice thing to teach children isn’t it?  Sure, target practice was fun.  But it’s just too hard for children not to sooner or later blast something or point the gun at someone. . .like a police officer.

Goodbye child.  Goodbye any real parenting.

I’m waiting for someone to claim it’s their Second Amendment Right for their child to own as many Toy Guns as they want.  Waaaaaahh.

One childlike question:  How many more kids will die “playing with guns” real or fake?

One grownup question:  Raising children to shoot things gives us what kind of adults?

Teaching violence has to be the Real War on Christmas since it’s the Real War on Our Children too.


2 comments on “Yes, Children, there Really IS a War on Christmas!

  1. ... Zoe ~ says:

    I remember playing cowboys and indians in our neighbourhood growing up. (I’m 58 now.) I think I was around 6 years old then. Now I think 6 year olds are playing “killer” video games/computer games. The whole point was and still is point and conquer &/or kill, so it seems.

    My husband was shot with a BB gun probably around the age of 10. Just above his eyebrow. A close call. He was also assaulted with a garden hoe and has the permanent dent and reconfiguration of his nose, just at the corner of his one eye. He’s 60 now. Is it just the toys that do it or our imaginations as well buoyed by media. I seem to recall sword fights with tree branches. Oh and who could forget throwing stones. Wasn’t that a favourite! Our family was new in the neighbourhood and we were greeting with the kids down the road throwing rocks at us when we hid in the garage.

    Going down the bunny trail here but my goodness is it just in our nature to seek and destroy?

    Those guns are truly frightening.

    • Thanks for the comment, Zoe. Yes, I think it is “in our nature” to destroy things. And, it’s in our nature to reason, to think, to protect and be compassionate. It seems to come down to our choice: harm, kill, make war, OR, be better human beings, to follow what some would call our “higher nature.” If it’s all about instinct, I think we simply destroy ourselves. The desire, the need to have weapons, both real and toy, seems suicidal to me, but most of all childish, immature, irrational and very dangerous for our communities.

      Would I get rid of all guns, all weapons. No. Some people need to hunt for food (not so many anymore though). Police and military people need defensive weapons. But generally they aren’t necessary, unless a person is living in fear. But then, is it wise to have a deadly weapon close by when you live in fear?

      In my opinion, most of those who advocate for more and more guns are ignoring the fact that having more guns around actually makes our households and our communities less safe, not more safe.

      (these reasonable comments make some gun owners very angry. so now we have a fearful, angry person with a deadly weapon. how safe does that make us feel?)

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