Hanukkah or Christmas? Why Choose?

“Being Hanukkah in a Christmas World”

Reminds me of when I was a single father raising my daughter to delight in celebrating both holidays.  She still remembers her friends at school asking if she was Jewish.  I was already doing interfaith work and teaching world scriptures, so claiming just one religion didn’t make much sense.  Does it now?


2 comments on “Hanukkah or Christmas? Why Choose?

  1. Since Chanukah is based on the story of radical Jewish types refusing to assimilate, it does seem odd to me to make a big deal of both holidays.

    • Well, other than the fact that the story of Hanukkah has to do with resistance fighters re-claiming a temple seized by an oppressive government. . .I find the season of lights hopeful for all people concerned with “freedom of/from religion.” Besides, the world can use more light and “enlightened” cooperation, don’t you think?

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