Chris climbing his christmastree.  An uplifting tradition.

On Christmas, Jesus, Solstice, Santa, Trees and More. . .Christmas Baby

Chris Highland was born on Christmas Day over a half-century ago.  He was an ordained protestant minister for fourteen years and an interfaith chaplain for over twenty. He is a non-theistic freethinker who is not anti-religious.  He is critical of nonsensical faith but cheerfully respectful of anyone, faith or no faith, who seeks a reasonable, collaborative way of justice and lovingkindness.

Chris is the author of six nature meditation books, a spiritual autobiography, a novel, a book of reflections on homelessness and a collection of poetry.  Selections from his new e-book of essays can be read at Nature is Enough.

He is a teacher, writer and social worker originally climbing trees in Washington State, then in the SF Bay Area and Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

You can reach him by leaving a comment. . .

Merry Everyday!

*Photo by:  the Solstice Squirrel. . .or. . .the Elevated Elf. . .or. . .Mrs. Christmas Baby


2 comments on “About

  1. Bernardine Franciscan Sisters says:

    Is it possible to use one of the Baby Jesus images from your site for our congregation’s Christmas Card.

    • The Nature photos are mine and we can discuss sharing, and I’d love to say I took those pictures of The Baby or made them myself (!) but most are just “borrowed” from Google Images or elsewhere. All the best to you.

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