A Birthday Cake Cross for Baby Jesus


Born to Die: that’s the “Good News”?

Some may find my article offensive. . .ok. . .but if you think about it, you can’t get more offensive than the original story.

“Nailed to the Manger: A Christmas Baby Reflection” (Rational Doubt, Patheos)




I know I’m not pretty. . .but tell me again why millions of us have to die for you?

Our first T-Day Season in Western North Carolina. . .it’s cold and smoky but beautiful.  No regrets leaving the Left Coast for these mountains.  Nature’s creative artistry is a good distraction from the mind-numbing down-dumbing politics that gives me a permanent case of head-shaking.  My natural unbelief is being dragged even further into the land of WTF nonsense.  It’s. . .unbelievable!

As I said, the natural distractions help, a little, and the wild things are really the best attractions.  We see gorgeous fat wild turkeys roaming our hills and I wonder, once again and again, why we humans are such killers, especially in the name of faith and family.

Ok, before you can accuse me of putting a downer on the “holydays”. . .all I ask is that we all give a gobble up for the Turkeys (and all the other fowl things we stuff down) this consumer season.

Maybe, Thank a Turkey instead of. . .

Well, you get my point.

Happy Season!

Hanukkah or Christmas? Why Choose?

“Being Hanukkah in a Christmas World”

Reminds me of when I was a single father raising my daughter to delight in celebrating both holidays.  She still remembers her friends at school asking if she was Jewish.  I was already doing interfaith work and teaching world scriptures, so claiming just one religion didn’t make much sense.  Does it now?

Behold Who Was Born on December 25th



Lots of interesting people, famous and infamous, were born on December 25 (Clara Barton, Anwar Sadat, Rod Serling!)

Neil deGrasse Tyson stirred up the, um, flock this year with this tweet at Christmas:

On this day long ago, a child was born who, by age 30, would transform the world.  Happy Birthday Isaac Newton, born Dec 25, 1642

On a probably unrelated issue I’ve been considering this season. . .

What would Religion, and particularly the Christian Religion, have looked like IF God/the Divine/Heaven/the Sacred/the Spiritual was DOWN instead of UP?  Think about it.  What if God was DOWN, in or below the Earth, not UP in the sky beyond the clouds?  Would Religion then be the Ultimate Environmental Organization?  I wonder what Newton would say. . .or other famous thinkers born on December 25.

I’ve just been thinking a little about that.

NOW Who’s Anti-Christmas?

Bad, Bad, Children!

Bad, Bad, Children!

People who read and pay attention already know this, but. . .Bill-O, Listen Up!

Who were the original Anti-Christmas, War-on-Christmas, Scrooge People?

Christians!  Puritans actually (the “best kind” of Christian, some would say).  And who were the first seekers of “religious freedom” in America?

Yes, that’s right.  Puritans. . .and they HATED Christmas.

Read When Christmas Carols were Banned

History (and knowledge, and thinking) is such a party-squasher, isn’t it?

Fa la la. . .Ha, ha, ha. . .ho ho ho.